July 29, 1981; St. Paul's Cathedral Theirs was (thus far) the royal wedding of the century. The whole world tuned in to watch Diana march down the isle of St. Paul's Cathedral in an opulent gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel (her gown's 25-foot train is the longest in royal wedding history). It was the people's wedding for the people's princess. During the ceremony there were some slip-ups that some now feel were a portent for things to come. During the reading of the vows, Diana reversed the order of Prince Charles' names. At the end of the ceremony Charles forgot to kiss Diana. What followed in the next 11 years was the stuff of tabloid headlines, beginning with allegations of unhappiness and infidelity and culminating in the horrific car crash in a Paris tunnel that took the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Perhaps it was a sad foreshadowing when the two were talking to reporters at the announcement of their engagement. When a reporter asked if they were in love, Diana answered with a shy "Of course" and Charles answered, "Whatever 'in love' means." Will Prince William's wedding hold the world's attention the way his parents' wedding did 30 years ago? That is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: We all hope that his marriage to Kate Middleton will be much happier.